Eighteen ladies attended a special meeting on the verandah of the HDBC on Thursday 2 April 1959 for the purpose of forming the Constitution of the Hills District Women's Bowlling Club.  The election of Office Bearers and Management Committee took place at the inaugural Meeting of The Hills District Women's Bowling Club on 17 April 1959.  

Present at the inaugural meeting were:  R Farrell, E O'Brien, B Savage, T Kennedy, M Brown, R Templeton, C Ackling, R Hunter, D Smith, D Broomfield and T Maher.  Apologies were received from B Crump, E Pike and E Pearson.

It was agreed that the club colours would be red and green and the badge of the men's club would be worn by the women. 

The founding office bearers and social members are listed below:


The HDWBC became affilited with the NSW Womens Bowling Assoc on 1 May 1959. 

At the time of the first AGM on 12 July 1960 membership had increased to 50;  by September that same year the number was 90.  By 1999 membership peaked to 166 and in 2008 members numbered 100.

The first achievement for the HDWBC was winning the Metro Pennants No. 3/Div 2 and in the 1990s there were wins in the Mitchell District Pennants Grades 3 and 4.  The HDWBC won the Mitchell District James Wall Shield in 1995 and 1999 (this shield is no longer contested).

Over the years there have been many more achievements in the Mitchell District Pennants:

2000 - Grade 1; 2001 - Grades 1 and 4;  2002 - Grades 1 and 2;  2003 - Grades 1 and 3;  2006 - Grade 4;  2008 - Grade 4.

Some of the above winning teams went on to contest the NSWWBA playoffs:

2001 - Grade 1;  2002 - Grade 1;  2003 - Grades 1 and 3.



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